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It’s worth noting here that Rojas doesn’t allow the grit of the job to preclude any feminine beauty practices.Her asymmetric bob is freshly blown out and highlighted with pale streaks of baby blue and My Little Pony purple. “Trailer” — she points again to the large compartment — “tractor” — she points to the cab. I have never been around anyone who is literally that clueless.”"I have to realize," she will tell me later, "that there are people out there like you." The brisk blue Indiana horizon is punctuated with cherry-red barns and cobalt tractors and golden rows of corn.There are also constant, unexpected hazards: One of Rojas's male friends would later tell me about encountering alligators at a loading dock lot in Louisiana bayou country.But for female drivers, the danger goes much further.

But for Rojas, a third-generation truck driver, this moment could not be more ordinary.

In 2014, 3.4 million truck drivers were on the road, and only 5.8% of them were women.

It's a dangerous job all around; in 2013, 3,858 drivers were involved in fatal accidents.

The trucking industry has changed tremendously since Rojas’s parents were on the road; in the past 30 years, capitalist competition has erased the once-courteous relations between companies. The Mc Combs, on the other hand, operate five trucks.

According to the IRS, after the industry was partially deregulated in 1980, “the formerly gentlemanly manner in which the big players dealt with each other became a battle to the death.”In the U. Larry Mc Comb and Rojas talk on the phone daily, and he deeply understands the importance of getting her home to see her kids; the Mc Combs' daughter was killed by her husband in 2010, and they now run a nonprofit, The Venus Foundation, for victims of domestic abuse.

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