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Having to (most likely) bus to Malaga, and then fly onwards to our destination was an annoying deal-breaker for us.After five years spent following the sun around the world, I have little tolerance for cold weather.I wanted to focus on this site, so that I could post regularly for you guys rather than squeezing out one article a month because travel was vacuuming my time and energy.I made the decision to find a home base three years ago, but it actually took me two years to find the perfect place. I’d travelled for so long and fallen in love with so many places, that I simply couldn’t choose just one.

This helped us narrow it down to a few places: Lisbon; Granada, Barcelona, or Madrid; Berlin; Vienna; Amsterdam; Budapest; Bucharest.

I wanted to give this whole finding a base thing my best shot, and buy furniture, make local friends, and build a community.

I knew I’d only be able to do all of that good stuff if there wasn’t a risk of me being suddenly kicked out of the country.

We’ve tried living in places where we don’t know anybody else and after a few weeks, he becomes agitated, moody, and frustrated. And as people who both work online and at home, it can be tough to get outside and make friends.

An important criteria for us, then, was knowing lots of people in the city we chose, and hopefully they would be people who were settled and weren’t going to be leaving in a few months.

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