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So, slightly unethical, but you could create a fake Facebook account and set a different age and name.Then you would have to log into that Facebook account on your phone, then log into tinder using that FB account.If you happen to pick something horrible, like Michael Scott did with “Little Kid Lover,” Match allows you to change it at any time.Here’s how it’s done: This may be pretty obvious, but the first thing you want to do is log into Match.No matter where you are on the site or app (your profile, the Matches page, your messages, etc.), you can look in the top-right corner and see a little graphic that looks like a cog.Click or tap on it, and you’ll be taken to your account settings.Just keep your wits about you under a blanket of realism: If a crazy attractive person all of a sudden is really interested in you when you haven’t demonstrated anything special yet, that is a red flag!

Below are our top three favorites: Match can work for anyone — no matter their age, gender, sexual orientation, location, profession, religion (or lack thereof), education, or hobbies.

Consider this: About 8,000 dating sites exist, more than 49 million people have tried online dating, 66% of people have dated someone they met online, and 37% of relationships and marriages begin online.

If you’re looking for a date, boyfriend/girlfriend, or husband/wife, online dating has the numbers to make that happen. Here are seven tips for improving your online dating life!

It could just be your first name, which is pretty common because when singles sign up for Match, that’s the first thing the site asks for.

If you want to do something more creative, though, we have some tips for choosing a username in this article.

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