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There are few facts about the beginning of city's life, but it is a fact that Cherkasy existed in 14th century, thus it was one of the centers of Cossack movement.

Citizens took part in Khmelnychchyna and Koliyivschyna.

Citizens took part in military marches against Tatars and Turkish, including operations led by Ivan Pidkova.

New Cherkasy Castle was the center of city life; it was built in 1549-52 on the place of the old one.

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Diplomats moved to Pereyaslav, where Pereyaslivska Rada was held.

The first record about Cherkasy was made in 1305 and was found in Gustynskiy Chronicle, which is the Ukrainian chronicle.

The city is mentioned as existing city among other Ukrainian cities - Kyiv, Kaniv, Zhytomyr and Ovruch.

Elimination of Polish rule gave very good results in city's development.

But after several unsuccessful Cossack attacks against Poland, Bogdan Khmelnytsky had to sign union with Russian Empire.

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