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Meeting Russian Ladies has never been easier or more efficient. Her first letter was perfectly written, next it was a short little email from an agency called SCARLET AGENCY, [email protected] Everything went so fast, I should have known something was wrong. Agency say I need 975.00 first part of fee and 925 by Feb.6", than all at once they moved it up, said they needed rest of money before Jan.23, or her visa would be expired.I wish to locate the person/persons operating this scam and have them shut down and/or prosecuted.If we all pool our resources and information together, I think we can make some things happen.She wrote me and told me that immigrations would not let her on the plane because she could not show proof of money to live on.She asked me to send her 0.00 and she assured me that she would not spend the money and she would return it to me when she arrived in my city. On my lunch break I decided to search on the Internet when I found your website.

I wish to recover any money for the victims who have gotten scammed.Let me introduce myself to you I'm a woman who believes that love is the main thing in this world... more about Irina from Cherkasy I can say that my heart is like an ocean: so many feelings and emotions it contains.Even my name means “ wave” – so maybe one day this wave will change your life for better! more about Julia from Kremenets Over 10,000 personal ads of beautiful Russian brides.Those reference names with e-mail and phone numbers are as follows: William Boyer Riverside, CA (the phone bill read Ontario, CA) Tel: 909-395-4602 e-mail: Billy Boy [email protected] Felton Los Angeles, CA Tel: 213-918-0142 e-mail: [email protected] references claim that the agency was legit, but how did I know who was on the other end responding to my e-mail?The organization broke things off with me when they realized I wasn't going to send them any money. This was an opportunity to gather up more information and tie up their time and resources, so I wrote to them agian and switched my screen name. 30th and now she works in a music store as opposed to a flower shop.

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