Allods online not updating

"Your ship is something you can use as a weapon now" Bray says, "not just something you exist upon." These changes are important for the future of the game, as Allods' next major update will include instanced astral Pv P.

Also new is the Bard class, a group-focused support caster that mixes crowd control, buffs and healing.

Offering a way to take a break from a game within the game itself is certainly one way to keep players logging in, and Gala Net say that the tropical allod will be available again in the future.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Dead City raid is Allods' toughest content, set in a city of crumbling spires that stretch off to the horizon.

It's now possible to trade in-game gold for boutique coins, which can be used to buy items from the micropayment store.

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The atoll was a non-combat zone that featured could take part in type-a-long karaoke and crab racing.

Allods was one of the first free-to-play MMOs to offer comparable production values to boxed and subscription-based games.

When it launched in Europe and North America, its steep leveling curve, strict death penalty and the availability of premium convenience items earned it a reputation as an MMO for the hardcore, and one where some investment of real money would ultimately be necessary.

They're designed so that different races bring a different twist to the role - Kanians can immobilise, Elves can blind, and Orcs stun with special abilities.

Bray's stated aim for Allods is to offer "many different experiences, [that are] more difficult to master than your typical title." Catering directly to the hardcore is one of the ways that Allods is looking to set itself apart, so bringing in new players and giving them things to do is a careful balancing act.

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