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Moreover, when asked how often they’d like to have sex, the majority of both Gen Z and Millennials said 2-3 times per week.NSFW: 55% of young singles have been to send a nude pic (the most of any age group) and 52% of young men have been asked to send a d*ck pic.#METOO’S POSITIVE IMPACT ON DATING MEN AND #METOO: Half of men (51%) say the #Me Too movement has caused them to act differently overall; specifically, nearly 40% of men are now more reserved towards female colleagues at work and 34% of men said they act more reserved on a date because of the movement.Millennial men are leading the way here, with 37% acting more reserved on a date, compared to Gen Z men at only 16%.“Moreover, this year’s Singles in America study gives a first-of-its-kind look at the positive impact the #Me Too movement has had on single men — on dates and in the office.” Most fascinating, perhaps, is the feeling of dating burnout from singles of all generations who are fatigued by the search for a meaningful relationship.83% feel that love is hard to find, while 43% reported believing that technology has made finding love difficult.

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And 87% of young men would be delighted if a woman initiated the first kiss, but only 23% of young women often do.

Furthermore, when singles were asked their feelings about dating today, their top descriptions for dating included: “overwhelming,” “sexual,” “transactional, ” and “unkind.” Yet still 75% of singles are hopeful that love is out there, and nearly 60% are motivated to find romantic love and a long-term companion. YOUNG SINGLES AND DATING OPTIMISM REIGNS: Millennials and Gen Z singles are the most optimistic daters in America today.

75% of Gen Z and 69% of Millennials believe they will find the kind of love they want, while only 46% of older singles believe they will find what they are really looking for in a partner.

Moreover, 52% of young singles have received a nude photo and nearly ¼ of young singles have shared a sexy photo they received.

DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL: 65% of singles say they are unlikely to ask about their partner’s “sex number;” while only 12% say they are to ask how many former lovers a current partner has had. WITH LOVE: 32% of singles believe you have to be in love to have great sex (28% Men; 36% Women); and 84% of singles say sex is better when you are in love. Garcia of The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University. Generations are defined as: Gen Z (18-22), Millennials (22-38), Gen X (39-54) and Boomers(55-74).

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