Are james lafferty and sophia bush still dating 2016

10 James Lafferty doesn’t have a lot of vices, but he admits his one and only addiction is sunflower seeds. My brother’s into the flavored ones, he’s into ranch and all that. I just go straight for the Frito Lay sunflower seeds.

Murray said they all get along and it's now easier for him and Sophia to work together.

While the show shot him into stardom early, Lafferty has always kept to himself and has remained largely out of the spotlight since.

He still has a large legion of loyal fans, so we did some digging to find out some interesting, and widely unknown facts about the talented, attractive and very private actor.

He frantically called the hotel he stayed at and turned the house where the car was upside down looking for the keys, only to look inside and realize he had left them in the ignition…for four days while he was in Vegas.

8 James grew up in California with his parents Jeff and Angie Lafferty and his younger brother Stuart, and when he was six, his mother encouraged her sons to get into acting as a hobby.

Throughout the series, her character evolved from a trouble-making vixen to a fiercely loyal friend.

After Bush gained mainstream fame, she became a spokesperson for high-profile brands.

One Tree Hill's main cast includes Chad Michael Murray who had played Lucas Scott, James Lafferty who had played Nathan Scott, Hilarie Burton who had played Peyton Sawyer, Bethany Joy Lenz who had played Haley Jaames Scott, Paul Johansson who…

Lafferty remains good friends with Stephen Colletti (Chase), Bryan Greenberg (Jake) and Robert Buckley (Clay) and was also a groomsman at the wedding of Lisa Goldstein Kirsch (Millie) and Brendan Kirsch who met on set.

7 In a candid interview in 2014, Lafferty revealed he had a wild four days in Vegas with his girlfriend Eve, but on the way back realized he had forgotten the keys to his car, which was at a friend’s house, in Vegas.

He was a star player for his high school team in Hemet, California, and won himself the MVP award.

fans are well aware of the failed real life marriage between stars Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis) and Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott); however, many forget or don’t know that afterwards, Bush and Lafferty dated and were together for almost a year before calling it quits.

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