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On top of that, he's led a truly interesting life ever since his childhood — a life that's largely taken place away from the brightest limelight.

It's high time his tale be told, so this is the untold story of Tory Belleci from As befits a man primarily known for building (and blowing up) cool things, Tory Belleci worked with special effects for quite a while before he became a TV star.

Belleci was still a child when he built a flamethrower that worked so well, he accidentally set a part of the family's house on fire.

writes, young Belleci also got into explosives and learned how to make homemade bombs.

, a post-apocalyptic short film he made as his senior thesis.

The short — which credits him with his full name, Salvatore Belleci, and features some pretty neat rudimentary special effects — takes place in a post-apocalyptic desert where a lone soldier tries to infiltrate a mysterious facility.

He just used to scare me." where he and Kari Byron took their scientific approach to amusement park rides.

As Belleci explained, "He was very instrumental in my life, because had I been arrested, I'm sure my life would have gone in another direction completely." where the entire premise was to see how high the contestants could send an anvil flying with controlled black powder explosions.

What's more, this wasn't just some strange show a drug-fueled TV executive had slapped together as a vehicle to test out Belleci's solo star power.

Klein sat down with the Belleci family, and talked with them about the best ways to harness the boy's interests in ways that didn't lead to people calling 911.

Belleci learned his lesson, and says that Klein's understanding and direction came at an extremely important time.

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