Are romi and dusty dating

The finale’s big reveal was that you married Dusty in Vegas.

What sort of feedback, backlash, positive reinforcement, have you gotten since it aired?

Why do you think people are having trouble wrapping their heads around your story?

You know, I have a very kind of loud and strong personality, and I know that I’m not going to be for everybody, and I understand that.

And because it happened to be with men and women, I got ripped apart as a whore.

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She has dropped a girl off, picked a girl up and been back and forth with Sara.And at the same time they’re telling me, by me getting married that I am telling them that, pretty much, I don’t care about their rights. Does that mean, because it’s not legal here, that they didn’t care about people’s rights? They did that for themselves and for their love, and some people may choose not to. And it’s very hurtful because I’m such an open book, and anyone who knows me knows that.If you want to get married, and it’s what you choose for your relationship, that’s all that you’re doing it for. In watching the finale it did kind of look like there was some creative editing for impact. Showtime knows that, and so I really do open up with every aspect of my life, and when you’re somebody like that, when you’re limited to 10 minutes (of air time) each week it gives almost too much material that’s going to come off wrong.I have been in a relationship with Kelsey on and off for over three years.There’s much more to our relationship, and this is the first season that showed me really kind of jumping around with a curiosity and a search.

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