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While the average US county only has 24 married BMAW couples, keep in mind that 86% of all US counties do not have any married BMAW couples.To offset this size bias, most of the other statistics are based on concentration or percentage to level the playing field between counties of different sizes.LA has the most married BMAW couples by far, more than twice as much as Queens or San Diego, the number 2 and 3 places respectively.Part of this is due to the fact that LA county is the largest single county in the US, whereas other mega-cities like NYC are cut into several smaller counties.This is a community where people are respectful and respected.We are very pleased to bring you the ABC analysis of the top 15 US cities for BMAW dating.Also because we believe that the places on this list need to have a sizeable number of married BMAW couples, we restrict the rest of the statistics to only the 31 counties that have at least 500 married BMAW couples.Next, we look at the places with the highest concentration of married BMAW couples.

Two mild surprises on the list are #7, Fort Lauderdale, and #10 Tacoma, with Fort Lauderdale coming in ahead of Miami, which was previously on the list, and Tacoma coming in slightly ahead of Seattle.

After Honolulu which counts 25% of their population as Filipino, Solano County has the 2nd highest concentration of Filipinos anywhere in the US.

On the list of counties with the highest percentage of Asian women married to Black guys, at least 3 different trends stand out.

The data is clear for BMAW couples that Asian women tend to marry up with highly educated and well paid Black men.

The third trend here is all of the counties in Florida that make this list.

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