Bay area dating sevices

All singles know dating in the Bay Area can be a daunting experience… Our members are attractive singles with the best qualities searching for the perfect partner.

Let our experienced, professional Silicon Valley dating service make you an amazing match.

Elite Connections is utmost elite Bay Area matchmaking service.

We have been making successful matches for twenty-five years and have incomparable success.

Maybe this is even something you've found yourself saying.

But news flash: nowadays, dating apps are real life.

Every city comes with its own unique set of dating problems. We've assembled some tips for making it easier to find that someone worthy of your heart in the East Bay. Avoid the across-the-bay LDR Try telling someone in an actual long-distance relationship that Oakland to San Francisco is an LDR, and they'll probably laugh in your face. Yes, their paychecks may make you grow dollar signs for eyes, but many of them still struggle to feed or dress themselves. For them, adult life is nap pods and personal chefs and spending piles of disposable income on Postmates and overpriced cocktails. If you're going to cuff, cuff fast Rent is expensive.

But add in public transportation that doesn't get you anywhere near where you want to be half the time, and you've truly got a case of the undead on your hands.

The Bevy, started in New York in 2014, compares its services to an executive search.Our Palo Alto matchmakers will search and match you with the best possible singles in Silicon Valley.We have a network of selective unmarried people that are looking for a quality relationship.Maybe you're a little old-fashioned, but it's time to stow away the top hat and monocle. Even more points deducted if you emerge from a limo with a bouquet of roses and greet them with a "good evening, m'lady." We keep it casual here in the East Bay, so hoodies and sneakers are a perfectly acceptable uniform for wooing a new flame.Your meet-cute is not going to happen because your potential paramour is going to be too busy swiping through Tinder with headphones on full blast to hear you when you deliver the perfect witticism about their coffee order. That said, you can make yourself stand out if you try just a modicum more than your average tech-hoodie-wearing Joe.

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