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Women looking for a long-term partner are more interested with a man with a bigger beard.

You’re also less likely to get ingrown hairs once you stop shaving.

Since you’re not going to be seeing any little kids or women sporting beards, it’s a known identifier as physical maturity in men.

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There are many studies and research papers on the nature of beards. Throughout the years, scientists have wondered and postulated about Men with distinctive facial hair are associated with aggression, dominance and maturity.One time, I hit on a dude at a bar by writing this on a napkin: "Beards. " Of course, he never called me because I'm a weirdo and crept around the bar for a solid hour until I got up the courage to actually hand him the stupid napkin. Gentleman, if you have the ability to grow a beard, I strongly urge you to! Not to mention, pairing a beanie with a beard will not only make you look like a badass Sons of Anarchy character, it'll give your head so much warmth you could probably wear shorts outside in this crazy polar vortex winter. " Well, my male friends often greet each other and instantly start scratching the bottom of each other's beards. (Maybe that only happened in the movies, but that's neither here nor there).It could range in a time span anywhere from several seconds to several minutes. Beards make you look like you could easily kick anyone's ass and therefore make me feel safer. Consider those times distant memories when you've got a beard. Another separate question was about long-term prospects – basically if the man was a good match for a long-term commitment that might lead to marriage.The final results were published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology.

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