Best rates for consolidating debt

The lender also leads the Flexible Repayment, No Fees, and High Loan Amounts categories.

Marcus requires borrowers to have at least a Best for: Quick Funding, High Loan Amounts Freedom Plus is our second best fair credit debt consolidation loan lender and leads the Quick Funding category.

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When you receive a debt consolidation loan you can combine multiple forms of debt into one for easier management.

Whether or not you are eligible for a debt consolidation loan depends on a few factors.

Read on to learn more about these requirements to see if you may be eligible.

The first and most important factor is your credit score.

Citizens Bank offers debt consolidation loans between Best for: Flexible Repayment, No Fees, High Loan Amounts Marcus leads our list of the best debt consolidation loans for borrowers with fair credit.The process for getting the best debt consolidation loans can be relatively easy since you can now apply for them online with a quick application.Since almost all debt consolidation loans don’t require collateral, getting one can also be particularly beneficial if your current debt is secured to your home or your car and you no longer want it to be, or if you need to sell one of those assets.Best for: Quick Funding, Flexible Repayment, No Fees, High Loan Amounts Light Stream tops the list as our best debt consolidation loan lender for borrowers with good credit.Light Stream also leads the categories of High Loan Amounts, Flexible Repayment, and No Fees. This allows borrowers to decide between paying their loans off fast – saving them money in interest – or extending their repayment over a longer period of time – giving them a lower monthly payment.​, but the average credit score of approved borrowers is 700.

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