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Taoist paraboloid logo referring to the yin/yang symbol (seen right). fast film Fast film is more sensitive to light than slow film, permitting proper exposure in lower levels of ambient light, usually at the expense of other aesthetic qualities of the film such as grain size.

In Chinese philosophy, the concept of yin yang is used to describe how seemingly disjunct or opposing forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, giving rise to each other in turn. 32.8 feet Marino 350 Not a camera but a case from Massachusetts in 1966. low exposure this refers to permitting less light to reach the film, which can be accomplished in various ways VAPS an air traffic control acronym for visual approaches, but in this context more likely Vector/Angle/Pace/Spin effete degenerate or decadent NNE Northern New England not North Northeast Sinn Fein Irish for "We ourselves" this is the political wing of the Irish Republican Army.

Plaintiff wanted a private drive on his land to be denied to defendant so that defendant could no longer reach his own property. cruciform in the form of a cross cuffs rotator cuffs - group of muscles and their tendons that act to stabilize the shoulder. neurasthenic regarding a syndrome of anxiety, fatigue, pain, etc., caused by exhaustion of the central nervous system 'drines Guide to 'drines Tenuate Tenuate is an appetite suppressant and amphetamine Preludin Preludin is also an appetite suppressant and amphetamine with much more abuse and addiction potential. Invitational 40º C 104 degrees Fahrenheit pregnable open to attack; capable of being won by force nacelle the car of a balloon or blimp corrugated bent into folds leaf-cutter-ant a type of North American ant Gore-Tex brand name of material, a laminate of finely reticulate pertetrafluoroethylene and other fabrics, claimed to be permeable to water vapor but impermeable to liquid water. Lenz: Goodwill a charity that redistributes donated goods and clothing imbibe 1.drink (alcohol). 3.(especially of seeds) absorb (water) into ultramicroscopic spaces or pores.

pneumatic 1.using air pressure to move or work 2.filled with air 3a woman : having a body with full, pleasing curves Merriam-Webster AC Alternating Current low-lipid i.e., low-fat reductive statistics Wallace is talking either about the process in statistics of reducing variables or Schtitt's use of statistics being reductive, i.e., being simplistic equanimity mental or emotional stability laissez-faire French for "let do," or, more idiomatically, "leave alone," this is a term usually applied to conservative economics but here generally gives a sense of not caring very much. non sequiturs From the Latin for "it does not follow," a non sequitur is a statement with no connection to what comes before or what follows it.

An associate and early biographer of Dr Samuel Johnson, her Anecdotes of the late Samuel Johnson (1786) was criticised by James Boswell as inaccurate.

A modern brand with a similar name is detailed here. When used in front of the camera lens, a diffusion filter softens subjects and generates a dreamy haze.Day is apparently suggesting that without those amendments, Congress could pass a law prohibiting attempts to get them to change the law, thereby making the law forever impervious to attempts to change it, since any such attempt would be prohibited by the law itself.This doesn't sound like the kind of thing the Madisonians were actually worried about; the right to petition dates back to the Magna Carta (where it referred to petitioning the King) and the Ninth Amendment was added to make it clear that just because some rights were explicitly spelled out in the Bill of Rights didn't mean that other rights didn't exist too (Madison believed "the people have those rights in their own hands", which is why he didn't think a Bill of them was necessary in the first place). dictionary, but is referred to in the Oxford Living Online Dictionary, henceforth OLOD as "US slang." 2) More often spelled as "mocus," common American 12-Step term for a hazy, unfocused state of mind, especially in early sobriety.Editors: Please keep these annotations SPOILER-FREE by not revealing information from later pages in the novel. White halogen i.e., the light from a halogen lamp pallor an unhealthy pale appearance.And please pay attention to formatting and grammar. 2^27 2^27 (2 to the 27th power) = 134,217,728 Wallace's math is completely wrong, though -- assuming each match has a 50% chance of victory for each team, which is what seems implied by the text. Multiplying these two numbers (one very small and one very large

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