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A physician who suspects that a patient has a malfunctioning thyroid gland may perform a diagnostic test in which a very small amount of sodium iodide made with iodine-131 is administered.

Instruments for detecting the levels and locations of the resulting radioactive emissions can then be used to study the thyroid gland’s activity.

If the charge is 1 or −1, the convention is to write or − (without the 1) as a superscript on the right.

If the charge is 2, 3, −2, or −3, we write 2 , 3 , 2−, or 3− as the superscripts.

Part A = -2.13 * 10^-5 C Part B = E = 1.02 * 10^-7 What must the charge (sign and magnitude) of a particle of mass 1.43 g be for it to remain stationary when placed in a downward-directed electric field of magnitude 660 N/C?

Knowing the age in addition to period of presence of the excavated fossils and also other organic things will help typically the archaeologist for you to unravel history and progression in a rigoros manner (Taylor 24).

Also archaeologists had to resort testosterone levels to the way of relative relationship where by assessing with stratigraphically close physical objects objects which are tucked at the same depth will be around of the same period.

clue the time period along with historical varieties were responded or rather guesstimated.

A major difference between these isotopes is that iodine-127 atoms are stable, and atoms of iodine-131 are unstable and undergo radioactive decay.

Because these isotopes have virtually the same chemical properties, -1 ions of each are absorbed by our thyroid glands in the same way (thyroid tissue specifically absorbs and stores iodine, whereas other body tissues do not).

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