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He sees something of a light at the end of the tunnel when his master’s son Hero (played by a young, pre-Phantom Michael Crawford) falls in love with the virginal slave girl next door (Annette Andre) and Pseudolus agrees to help him win her if it will mean his freedom.

The problem is that she has already been promised and sold to a bloodthirsty Roman Captain (played by Leon Greene) who is on his way to claim her.

“The empire, long divided, must reunite; long united, must divide.” Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed. Gripping tales from ancient China drag you into massive action combat.

Play dozens of historic heroes – each with an own set of skills and weapons.

Join forces with various allies, like Mecha Godzilla and Kaiju! So many game modes, you won't even have time to get bored! Dress up a whole cast of wonderful characters with your own designs in Runway Story!

Play with your friends and with millions globally, with single player, co-op and competitive modes inspired by the best MMOs and open-world games on PC and console. Build your own unique team from an expansive list of historic warriors!

Point Blank returns as a mobile FPS this summer 2017! Try the pinnacle of mobile FPS with 4v4 multiplayer!

This is, of course, a hysterical farce, so inaccuracies and inconsistencies can be easily forgiven.

Mostel brings us our main character in the form of the hilariously named Pseudolus, a knave of a slave to a wealthy family who is constantly gambling and pulling schemes to win his freedom.

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