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The only voice like it belonged to (Little) Jimmy Scott, who had a hit in 1950 with , singing "Embraceable You," but Scott sang with all of the heat that Baker eschewed.Reading about Baker's foray into singing is like wading into a critical abattoir.Armstrong always sang romantic tunes, but I hear an artfulness that separates the singer from the object of his affection and the song itself becomes the object.He did sing with great tenderness in the last phase of his career.In this essay, I'll take a closer look at Baker and... Crosby had initiated the movement from "hot" to "cool," as he taught singers how to use the microphone.But, even though Bing's style was relatively laid back, he still used "hot" techniques like vibrato, slurs and small ornamentations to "sell" the tune.Rhythmically and in note choice, Baker's singing paralleled his playing.But the fragility, tremulousness and high tenor range of his voice amplified the vulnerable quality of the music.

Sinatra did stretch male stereotypes, but within the boundaries of older, explicitly macho imagery.

For one, male stereotypes were being unpacked and to some degree, unfrozen.

Where once films and music gave us male characters that were either hyper-macho or limp-wristedly homosexual, male characters and performers who showed emotional vulnerability began to emerge from the underground.

This continued to be the standard, but Baker took it a step further, either eliminating or dramatically taking down the heat of these techniques.

Also, in the range and timbre of his voice, he did not sound as a man singing was supposed to.

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