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That is not the case at my house, and I’ve never seen my parents (who have been happily married for over 30 years) do anything more than a kiss and hug!The Chilean slang is so common that many Chileans do not realize that these are not words used in other Spanish-speaking countries unless they have traveled outside of their country or work with foreigners.Although it was not the case in my situation, sometimes Chileans will date and go to hotels and rent out the hotel by the hour since they live at home.

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I was really surprised he proposed to me in front of his whole family at a typical family barbecue!

However, some attitudes were more along the lines of “oh no, you’ll be leaving Chile if this gets too serious, and the country and culture here…be careful, gringos are very self-centered and egotistical and don’t forget your roots and your language if you do leave Chile…”Chile is a society stratified by class.

Therefore, if you are dating a foreigner, this may be a benefit to you, but it also depends on the appearance of the foreigner.

Locals are friendly, curious about foreigners, and very family-oriented.

Family is very important in Chile and you’ll see this everywhere you go.

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