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The site for Argentina says that a Reciprocity Fee must be paid in advance or they won't let you cross the border.Our son's friend is staying in Santiago and says that she did not have to pay a fee when she went to Argentina. We plan to take her with us for a week and hate having to pay over 0 per person to enter the country if it is not necessary.*Program costs do not include the airfare to Santiago, federal background check costs, additional meals or free time/travel spending. Greenheart Travel is a non-profit organization, and the program fee for this teaching project covers the costs of organizing your placement and support on the program.Your program fee helps cover the pre-departure & in-country support staff.

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As of January 7, 2013, the reciprocity fee must be paid by affected passport holders(USA, Canada, Australia) prior to entering Argentina at land and sea crossings(with the exception of cruise passengers) This reciprocity fee is paid at the Argentina online website.

The previous year, I arrived to Santiago on an international flight that stopped at Iquique.

The immigration people at Iquique didn't want anything to do with the reciprocity fee so I didn't pay.

All reciprocity fees and visas everywhere are entry fees. I entered Santiago by air in September 2013 and was leaving to Argentina on a flight the next morning.

As long as I stayed in the secure area and didn't pass through immigration, I didn't have to pay the reciprocity fee for Chile.

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