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Performance measures into two groups: calculable measures and diagnostic measures.The usefulness of this hierarchical structure embodies on two levels: firstly, it links performance measures from different levels together, so that ease the calculation and enable the decomposition of strategic objectives; secondly, it lays a foundation for causal analysis.

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The prioritization of performance measures can not only help to identify main performance delivers, but be used to reduce number of performance measures to a manageable set.Detailed information for some level 1 measures such as data collection, benchmarking, best practices, and economic impact are also provided.Mechanisms are designed to explore the qualitative and quantitative causal relationships among performance measures.As for most of the companies, many had focused on designing performance measures and may have neglected other stages of the entire performance management process.SCOR consists of five basic processes: plan, source, make, deliver and return, and the approach starts with the assumption that any supply chain process can be represented as a combination of the five basic processes.

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