Colin renfrew radiocarbon dating

This means that after 5568 years or so, half of the original amount of C14 would have disintegrated from the sample.

After another 5568 years, again, half of what is left dies.

These rogue carbon 14 isotopes, which are produced at a steady rate, are then oxidized and absorbed into the biosphere through the process of photosynthesis and the natural food chain [7].

Consequently all living things incorporate the atmospheric ratio of C14 to C12 in their geographical area, which is maintained by their metabolic rate [8].

The stable isotopes of carbon (12 and 13) were formed when all of our planet’s atoms materialised –a long, long time ago [4].

However, my research has indicated that there are two serious issues of concern with radiocarbon dating that still cause serious problems today.

These are 1) Sample contamination, 2) Measuring the levels of C14 in our atmosphere over the geological ages. Although such methodical incompetence would never be tolerated today, archaeological samples still suffer from contamination.

But with his Nobel Prize for chemistry came complete belief from Libby in his new system.

Libby radiocarbon dated Egyptian archaeological samples that had already been historically dated – the ancient Egyptians kept good records of their chronology.

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