Colorado dating laws

If conduct like this did not happen, it can be a strong defense to a statutory rape charge.Proving that there was no sexual conduct, though, is difficult.To get back at them, Teresa accuses Tom of statutory rape.CRS 18-3-402 only prohibits sexual conduct on a non-spouse.It often turns into a case of “he said, she said.” This defense requires showing that you are more trustworthy than the victim.

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Penalties The penalties for violating Colorado's dating laws are serious. In a worst case scenario, it can be a Class 4 felony. CRS 18-3-402 does three things to create Colorado's rules for minors: Even in these situations, the law does not recognize their consent. Example: Gina pulls her boyfriend to bed and takes off his pants.The victim's consent is not a defense because people underage cannot legally consent.If they verbally consent to sex or even initiate sexual conduct, the law sees it as meaningless.However, they can penalize young people who have consensual sex with each other. This includes having sex with someone who is not old enough to consent. One exception to Colorado's statutory rape law is when the two people are close in age. It allows consenting teens to have sex with each other without committing statutory rape.The permitted age difference depends on the age of the alleged victim: A potent defense to a violation of Colorado's dating law is that the victim is making false accusations.

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