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Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom is a 2008 American romantic comedy-drama film based on the LOGO television series Noah's Arc. for "sexual content and language." Noah Nicholson (Darryl Stephens) and his ARC: Alex Kirby (Rodney Chester), Ricky Davis (Christian Vincent), and Chance Counter (Doug Spearman), retreat to Martha's Vineyard for Noah's intimate marriage to Wade Robinson (Jensen Atwood).It was released on October 24, 2008 in select theaters and video on demand. While Alex's hubby, Trey (Gregory Kieth), video chats from home to babysit their newly adopted Ethiopian child, Chance brings his husband, Eddie (Jonathan Julian).The series, which predominantly features gay black and Latino characters, focused on many socially relevant issues, including same sex dating, same-sex marriage, same-sex parenthood, HIV and AIDS awareness, infidelity, promiscuity, homophobia, gay bashing. After its cancellation, a film was produced entitled Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom, which was released theatrically in 2008.It premiered in October 2005 on the Logo cable-television network, quickly becoming the network's most popular program.So I've been watching this show all weekend because 1) the story is awesome and 2) I LOVE NOAH'S HAIR!!! His hair seems to be about the same texture and density of mine and I'd love to get my curls to coil like his.

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Lynette and Tom stay in a romantic B&B to bring the spark back; After being placed under arrest, Susan must convince the police she's being framed; Bree suspects her new boyfriend of being ...

See full summary » Director: David Grossman A mixed race high school student struggles to care for her depressed alcoholic father after the untimely death of her mother.

See full summary » An older woman suffering from dementia is convinced that her young live-in nurse out to kill her and take her life's fortune. And dementia has a strange way of unraveling the truth. I saw the film at a festival in myself in the audience loved it and it resonated on many levels technically it's a beautifully produced film and well worth a look .

Noah's Arc is an American cable television dramedy.

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