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Kristi grinned as she once again scanned over the rules that she and her girlfriends had agreed upon for their Saturday night out at the club. After recently discovering that each of their respective hubbies and boyfriends had a certain “curiosity” about them flirting with other men … Some families seem to make loving each other a priority 365 days of the year. The members of this famous clan have…TV fans listen up, because I might just have your new favourite, marathon-worthy show.It goes by the name of This Is Going To Hurt and it has been adapted from Adam Kay's autobiography of the same name. If you’ve already read it and enjoyed it, please leave it a kind review on Amazon or Goodreads. You can get a copy here or anywhere books are sold.Is it the furniture you've inherited or saved for years to purchase?Is it the family of humans and pets that sleep…While it seems as though the fifth series of Sherlock has seemingly entered a mysterious void, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have certainly not been short of work.

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Leaving fans with a lot more free time and the strange feeling of both utter despair and complete relief at it all being over. Anyhow, the obvious…Father's day 2019 has been and gone, but is there ever a bad time to show your dad some appreciation?For some people, the…Elton John and Princess Diana famously had a very close relationship.He even penned a reworked version of Candle In Wind as a tribute to her when she tragically passed away in 1997, with all the proceeds from the track going to Diana's charities.…ITV's A Confession features a pretty star-studded cast, including Martin Freeman, Imelda Staunton, and Siobhan Finneran.But if you're trying to avoid sweet treats, you don't have to miss out.Instead, opt for a truly impressive beauty advent calendar in 2019. Is it the glorious soft furnishings you've accrued after years of rummaging in charity shops and sales?

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