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Objects from prehistoric, ancient, and medieval Iberia; Spain and Portugal; Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking Latin America; Portuguese Goa in India; and the Philippines all figure notably in the collection.The Hispanic Society of America’s renowned library offers unrivaled resources for researchers interested in the history and culture of Spain, Portugal, and the Americas.But he turned it around, not simply seeking out a new direction but an entire new musical discipline, one that answered the one question rock & roll had always wondered about: what happens if you don't die before you get old? This second patch of musical brilliance stretched from "(You Keep Me) Hanging On" in 1974, through "Devil Woman," "Miss You Nights," and "We Don't Talk Anymore," and on to the still-remarkable "Carrie" in 1980, by which time Richard was so firmly reestablished that the next two decades (and close to three discs) fly past in a sequence that might not be consistently great, but was consistently successful.And that is possibly the greatest achievement of them all.Today the Hispanic Society Museum and Library builds upon the legacy of Huntington through an active acquisitions program.The Museum Department of the Hispanic Society contains more than 18,000 works in almost every medium, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, decorative arts, and the useful arts dating from the Paleolithic to the 20th century.Despite a very attractive budget price, The Singles Collection offers far more Cliff Richard, and far less information, than the casual listener is ever likely to need.The booklet is bare-bones chart fax 'n' figures, and the packaging is as minimal as a picture-sleeve 45. This is a collection for the genuine specialist, someone who cares as much for the double A-sides and flipped B-sides that litter Richard's U. discography as for the export releases and withdrawn oddities, and wants them all wrapped up in one tidy collection.

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And fewer still will remain so listenable (almost) throughout.

The Museum and Library constitute the most extensive collection of Hispanic art and literature outside of Spain and Latin America.

Archer Huntington’s fascination with Spanish culture started at the age of twelve; by fourteen he had begun to study the Spanish language; and by nineteen he revealed his aspiration to found a “Spanish Museum.” As Huntington’s enthusiasm grew he became increasingly committed to the creation of an institution that would encompass all facets of Hispanic culture.

The Singles Collection is a compilation album by David Bowie, released in 1993 in the UK and (with some changes) as The Singles 1969 to 1993 in the United States.

The Australian release had the same track listing as the UK version, but the two discs were released as separate albums, The Singles Collection 1 (with a cover identical to the UK release) and The Singles Collection 2 (with the same cover but recoloured green).

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