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A search engine’s ability to fully understand a given language strongly influences how well it serves its purpose.

Since we are used to English and Yahoo, Bing, and Google, we may not think about Czech and Seznam or how it’s not that easy for an English based search engine to just jump into a foreign market on linguistic ability alone.

However, among a few other reasons,’s Russian language flaws impact its ability to produce the same search results users get on Yandex.

In many instances, doesn’t adapt it’s results for local nuances causing language related problems when it comes to producing the right search results for user intent.

Russian verbs can take on many different forms, adapting for the tense and perfective and imperfective aspects.

Depending on the subject of the sentence, the verb will also take up to six different conjugations in present and future tense.

Advertisers and SEM junkies want the best knowledge on a search engine’s capability to not only produce great search results but more importantly, help paid advertisers identify their customers.

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While testing other misspellings, both and Yandex can handle the accidental queries but when such language-related problems persist, a native speaker like Yandex will understand the user intent more easily.

Ultimately, this also impacts what ads are shown to the Russian target audience.

I ran a series of tests on and Yandex to better display the differences between the two search engines.

For this reason, many simply translate and run an Ad Words campaign abroad hoping to see the same results they get from

Alternatively, search marketers may also run the exact same campaign on a regional Google and another local player.

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