Dating ettiquete for seniors

If the waiter is uncooperative, excuse yourself from the table and ask to speak to the manager. If you drop food on the tablecloth or floor, discreetly use your napkin to retrieve it and ask the waiter for a new napkin.If you spill a glass of wine or water, use your napkin to clean up the mess. Sending a dish back is entirely appropriate if your dish is not what you ordered, if it isn’t cooked to order, if it tastes spoiled, or if you discover a hair or a pest in the dish.When ordering wine by the glass, you should be aware that you may be getting wine from a previously opened bottle. You may wait for your guests in the foyer of the restaurant or at your table, but if you choose to wait at your table, give the maitre d’ a description of your guests and ask him to direct them to your table.You may want to ask the server when the bottle was opened. Let it stand that way as long as possible so the sediment falls to the bottom of the bottle. The host will signal the end of the meal by placing her napkin on the table. If one or more guests are ten minutes late, ask the maitre d’ to seat the group and show the other guests to the table upon their arrival. Don't crook your finger when picking up a cup or glass.When no utensils are being used, putting your elbows on the table is acceptable. Start by selecting a wine in the category you are interested in and find a wine at the price point you are comfortable with. When being seated, if the maitre d’ leads the group to the table, the guests should follow the maitre d’ and the host should follow the guests. To test the temperature of a hot beverage, take a single sip from the side of the spoon.Show the sommelier your selection and ask for his opinion, but place your finger on the price, rather than the name. When food is caught between the teeth that is annoying or uncomfortable, wait to remove it privately. If the maitre d’ does not lead the group, the host should lead. When sneezing or coughing at the table is unavoidable, cover your nose or mouth with a napkin and proceed as quietly as possible. When an extremely hot beverage is sipped, take a quick sip of water to decrease the effect of the burn. When finger food is taken from a tray, place it on a plate. When in doubt about whether to use fingers or a utensil to eat a particular food, watch those about you and proceed accordingly.The host enters the dining room second with the dignitary's wife. Don't leave your spoon in your cup, soup bowl, or stemmed glass.Rest the spoon on the saucer or soup plate between bites or when finished. When you are dining at a restaurant buffet, never go back to the buffet for a refill with a dirty plate. Dunked food leaves crumbs on the rim of a cup or glass, and is frowned on at a private party or in a public place. French, Italian, Chinese and other foreign restaurants may have menu items you are not familiar with.

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When seating arrangements are not designated by place cards, usually the hostess enters the dining room first to tell everyone where to sit. At formal affairs, which usually involve a large group, individual places are always designated by place cards. History accords the place of honor to the right side of the host because most people are right-handed. Because a purse on the table crowds and disturbs the symmetry of the table setting, in a private residence it is left wherever the hostess suggests, such as in a bedroom or on a chair.

If it has been open for one or more days, you may want to make another selection. A couple of days is ideal, but even thirty minutes is helpful. Once seated, the punctual guests can order drinks and examine the menu. - Being Served in a Restaurant - When to Begin Eating.

Remove the cork, let breathe, and pour without disturbing the sediment. Sop up extra gravy or sauce only with a piece of bread on the end of a fork; the soaked bread is then brought to the mouth with the fork. When a burp is coming on, cover the mouth with a napkin, quietly burp, and say, "Excuse me." For an attack of hiccups, excuse yourself from the table until they have passed. In some cultures the breath is associated with man's spirit. After waiting 15 or 20 minutes, the group should order their meals. At tables with eight people or fewer, begin eating only after all the other guests are served and the host or guest of honor has started to eat.

If the loaf is uncut, cut a few slices and return the loaf and slices to the basket. There is no need to tip the owner or proprietor of the restaurant, even if he or she serves you.

When slicing the bread, use the cloth in the basket to cover one end of the loaf before you grasp it. Take only enough food to chew and swallow in one easy bite. At some formal dinners, sorbet will be served after the first course or after the entrée. You also do not need to tip the maitre d’ unless they have done a special favor or arranged a special meal for you. If there is a problem with the bill, quietly discuss it with the waiter.

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