Dating fabrics a color guide 2 1950 2016

Evening dresses were usually modest and high-cut in the neck, similar to day dresses of the time.

Cocktail party attire for the Christmas broadcast on Oct 30 1944 in Hollywood The group from left includes Virginia O’Brien, Frances Langford, Judy Garland, Dorothy Lamour, Ginny Simms, and Dinah Shore The beauty of 1940s formal dresses was all that was needed for a night out.

The princess ballgown was the most popular style for teens attending a prom.

The prom dance was a relatively new invention in the late ’30s and ’40s and teens made extra effort to wear their best dresses to the dance.

Heels were a bit thinner than daytime shoes which featured sturdy Cuban or military heels.

Long dresses usually touched the floor hiding any evidence of shoes altogether.

The very full skirt of the Victorian age was reduced to long, but semi full A-line skirts in the 1940s.A shawl of the same material as the dress was a less costly alternative to furs. A high neck beaded or rhinestone necklace in single or multiple stands was the most popular.A pair of sparkling earrings was a must, although the design should not overpower the dress. Suddenly fashion turned back in time to the Victorian age, especially formal gowns and dresses, which embraced fitted bodices, puffed sleeves (or sleeveless) and large full skirts.The economy still wasn’t very good so the 1940s compromised and blended Victorian style with budget-friendly design.

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