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I ran a private consulting co for a while, worked as a bench tech and Network administrator.I have built countless computers and can remember the old days when computers were in their first stages of"life". At a young age my father caught the computer bug and along with him so did I.So this is what I came up with: AMD 3200 64Bit 4 gigs corsair XMS DDR RAMASUS A8n-SLI2 - 300 Gi G Maxtor 16mb Cache 7200 RPM Drives16x DVD16x DVD-RW Writer Scepter NAGA III 20.1 inch 16.9 Monitor ATI X800 GTO 256MB Video Card Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000ASPIRE 520 Watt Power Supply ASPIRE X-Plorer ATXB8KLW-BK Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case Pretty strong system but not to expensive.To the above I added some things that I already Have: Klipsch 5:1 THX Surround Sound Speakers Belkin Egro Keyboard Black250 Gig Western Digital External HArd drive Epson Perfection 4870 Scanner Tonight I added and Epson Stylus PHOTO R1800 Printer that absolutely Rocks! If you were to tell me that I would be running a system with almost a terabyte of Storage, 4000 Megs of Ram running at 2.7 GHz (overclocked a full 700mhz) I would tell you that you were crazy. I recently built computers for my father and mother and was quite impressed with the technology that today's computers offer.Having worked in the Computer industry for a few years (taking a break from cooking) I am well versed in computer technology.Terrorists also attacked a mosque in the North Sinai on November 24, 2017, killing over 300 people. There is a significant presence of armed security forces and police in most governorates throughout the country. Be particularly cautious in commercial establishments, government facilities, public areas, tourist sites, the vicinity of churches and mosques at the time of religious services and any other areas frequented by foreigners.

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Safety and security situation The security situation in Egypt is unpredictable and certain regions of the country (for instance, North Sinai, Western Desert, etc.) are particularly volatile and should be avoided.

So he went to work that day and I taught myself how to use it.

This was the start of a long a extensive foray into computer technology.

As the years went by I ran my own BBS, Met countless people from countries across the world and learned a lot about computers (Both the Good and the Bad) and the Phone Company.

So over the past twenty years and the advent of the Internet, I have built many computers for my self.

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