Dating games men play

They even enjoy the game more than any of the others mentioned above.

The worst part about it is that adding sex to the equation complicates things even further.

When it finally happens, they can’t help but give in to anything the guy wants, lest they lose him and his image as the perfect partner. This one will disappear without a trace, and then suddenly, he’ll spring back up into the woodworks when you least expect it. He will purposely ignore you or make you wait for his call or text.

He will charge his disappearance to some sort of personal problem, but he promises that he just couldn’t stop thinking about you. When he finally does contact you, he knows that he has you wrapped around his finger. It’s pretty easy to pull one over on the guys that love playing mind games. Our instincts are borne out of a primal defense mechanism.

These types of guys will play mind games to assert their dominance and chauvinism. These are probably the worst type of mind game players.

Not only do they take advantage of women’s feelings, they also cash out on it. A guy like this will use mind games on a girl for her connections, her house, or even her willingness to do anything he wants. Most guys consider this as the biggest prize when it comes to mind games.

Tell him you’re on to him and that you won’t put up with his bullshit. It might feel good for a while, but the pain of his betrayal will still be there.

It won’t even matter because a player will not care about anything that you do.

When a guy sees a challenge, he can’t help but do everything in his power to overcome it.

They can just shrug it off and find their next victim.

You’re better off using your energy to move on and heal yourself from the pain that this toxic relationship has caused.

Some men play mind games with women because it gives them a sense of power.

It makes them feel wanted and adored, which, according to research, is something that men need intensely. Pulling one over on someone can give a man a sense of accomplishment. [Read: 7 signs you’re dating a player] #4 They love a challenge.

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