Dating in your mid thirties

People to see, exercise, lounging, and recharging…) and make sure you’re prioritizing other things (at least down the road) that matter to you. Don’t feel the need to stay on a date if you don’t want to. -Katie There is a lot of internal pressure dating in your 30s.

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Knowing this has helped me navigate dating because I know what I’m looking for and what I want and need in a partner. You shouldn’t stay with someone who’s “fine” just to be with someone. — Amy I’d say, we need to stop looking at age as a “barrier.” Granted, I’m not gonna date a 20-year-old anytime soon, but if we can’t discriminate against age in the workplace then we certainly shouldn’t do so when we date either. -Cynthia For several years (late 20s), I was all about WORK (so I was busy, but also not meeting anyone because everyone was married), and my non-work hobbies included workout classes (full of females) and hanging with my female (married/attached) friends. I focused more on myself and my future and stopped being a workaholic. I wasn’t really dating, but I was being social and making changes. It made a huge difference in how I viewed the whole process.

Sometimes I swear that I am the last single person left on earth.

I once went to a wedding and was the only single person except for the bride’s 94-year-old widowed grandmother.

So far I haven’t had much luck, but I have realized there are still good people out there. Everyone has their own settled life, and sometimes I have breakdowns over it and have to convince myself that it’s okay to be single.

But overall, I’m glad I waited because I was not confident enough to find the right partner in my 20s.

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