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But for many of us Irishmen, romance is sharing a bag of chips while walking her home after going Dutch on a cinema date.

In light of the above, it’s probably not surprising that our most notable and written about Irish love-stories have been both unsuccessful and unrequited.

If you want to keep yourself stress free and keep your bedroom looking warm and inviting for the lady of your choice, dump the white bed linen as streaky orange sheets are definitely not romance inducing.

Beware of being ‘grand’ In a tête-à-tête with an Irish woman, proceed with caution when she tells you she’s ‘Fine’ or ‘Grand’ (usually through gritted teeth).

And finally...choose your words carefully Be on your guard when chatting to an Irish woman if you hear the phrase ‘What’s that supposed to mean? Your cailín is not happy and will be expecting a speedy explanation, that could possibly land you in an even bigger hole...

To sweep an Irish woman off her feet, buy her a couple of drinks, even if you might have a fight about payment (she will fight like a dog to buy you a drink back), the gesture will be hugely appreciated as free rounds are a rarity!

For the love of cheese and onion Whether your lady is a Tayto lover or a King fan, you will not avoid the taste (or smell) of Ireland’s favourite flavour of crisps (cheese and onion) if you bag yourself an Irish lady.

There must have been something in the water in the GPO that Easter Week of 1916 that resulted in ill-fated romances.

The legendary Michael Collins who during the Easter Rising served as Plunkett’s Aide de Camp in the GPO had his own romantic story to tell.

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