Dating jealousy

Then, I was e mailing her and got extreamly short answers for 3 weeks. When i came home she told me she sucks at computer and thats why so little e-mailing....

I asked her later if she would have been in a corner of a bar or resturaunt and saw me on 3 different dates while basically ignoring her, how would she feel..

We had a great 1st date and even told mutal friends how fantastic it was.... First off, if you're in no kind of exclusive agreement or relationship, then what right do you have to tell her she can't see anyone else?

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One woman seemed to be ideal for me (and indeed became my long-term g/f and wife), but she wasn't ready to commit since she needed some basis for trusting her choices after a very bad relationship. Everyone else just made us each look that much better, so eventually she was able to make a good decision based on the knowledge she gained. However, once you become exclusive, the search for and dating of others stops while the relationship lasts.

Honestly, if you're comfortable going out and talking to mutliple girls at a time, then do it.

I guarantee you these women who are online getting 50 emails a day from guys trying to get a date with them aren't exactly ignoring all of them either.

When online dating it is of course normal to be talking to several people at once, especially since people are so incredibly flaky and disappear without a trace after 2, 3 or even 4 dates.

By selecting just one person and telling all the others no thanks you could be potentially eliminating other good choices in case this one decides to take off, and then where does that leave you..leaves you with nothing!

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