Dating old tintypes

This type of photo never dried like Dagerre's, it was to be covered, sealed within glass, never to be opened.

A broken seal would leak light through the edge making a prism, damaging the photograph.

He called his first invention a herograph since he had been experimenting to develop a negative, as his journal described it.

After several attempts to patent his invention, Niépce gave up on his experiments but kept his journals intact.

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The Army was compulsory about the color of their uniforms, either blue or gray. Inside the "book" the photo was framed by brass but gilded oand shaped into an oval and it clipped onto the box-frame. Photos leading to the 1850s were a technical change as great artists who produced these photographs were thought of as a first rank.

We have never lost a tintype with US Mail, certified signature-return-receipt (green card). In 1999, other local restorers did very little restoring. A few in our industry have been inspired to lowering their prices, and then raised them again.

Today, we preview a photograph then set a written price, owner-signed, copy furnished to you.

But, at the same time, accredited Niepce's offering for the patent of a 'herograph' notinghistorian Helmut Gernsheim, verified the first authentic photograph image and returned fame to Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, as first registered at the Royal Society of England.

It was held that Joseph Nice'phore Niépce was the first inventor of the same image, patented as a "herograph" and also patented as a "photographie" in 1839.

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