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All these imperfections are useful in the forging process. "If you find one in other than pristine condition they are quite repairable using preheat, the correct welding rod and lots of grinding. I was just given an old anvil by my wife for our anniversary (15th) and it needs a little work on the corners.The other two need some repair but other things get in the way. He hauled from place to place and it was offered to me before I had any interest in the craft and I am really glad that I took it as it has become somewhat of a family heriloom. My Grandad fixed my last one, which I gave to my son a couple of years ago. Thanks, Charlie In the early days of this great nation Anvils like yours were often brought to the US as ballast in the bottom of sailing ships.The 126# had a crack from one corner of the hardy hole.When I decided to repair it the started to Vee out the crack and found that the heal had actually been broken off and welded back on.As for repairing anvils, unless the edge is really bad(like missing over a inch with bad pitting or cracks) I wouldn't weld the edge.The reason being that if you do not pre and post heat correctly you will create stress cracks in the weld and surrounding material that will ruin the anvil (also drops the price if you go to sell your anvil).

Anvil tools with square tapered shanks fit into that hole.I once put an Alldays and Onions anvil on the back of a motor bike to get it home .needless to say, raising the center of gravity and shifting it towards the rear wheel provided some interesting moments on corners . For the last 15 years I have been studying the blacksmith craft.After alot of grinding and welding to repair the crack, side chips and sway back I have come to like the anvil.One side is straight, there is still a slight dip in the center and a selection of various radii along the sides.

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