Dating recent widowers

Are you sufficiently ‘healed’ to entertain thoughts of romance with someone new?

Accept that whoever might bring this romantic attachment is someone who could bring you happiness and contentment in their own way and not someone you should compare with your late partner.

As a widow you could be perceived to be vulnerable and until you properly start to get to know someone it’s best to keep the conversation lightweight and generalized.

This can be no more hit-and-miss than dating sites or meet-up groups and is worth consideration.

In this scenario, you will both be experiencing a similar set of emotions as you get to know one another, which will help ground the relationship in a deeper sense of each other’s feelings.

If you’ve been missing the physical side of romance then you will need to understand this is probably the reason you’ve been thinking about finding a partner.

Ultimately, it’s important to be clear about what you’re looking for.

Don’t give away too much in the way of personal information in your profile or on a first date.

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