Dating rose medallion

The oldest pieces of Rose Medallion china can be worth several thousand dollars.

If the item is unmarked on the bottom, there’s a good chance that it dates back sometime between 18.

Little Rose Medallion dishes make great soap dishes or unique gifts, too—if you can find them!

From scouring estate sales and antique shops to consignment stores and flea markets, we are both constantly on the hunt to add to (or restock) our collections.

At Lolli and Me, we both love displaying the Rose Medallion pieces we’ve collected over the years as perfect decorative accessories and a pop of color in any style home.

They are collectible items WHERE THE GENERATIONS MEET™.

), so Lolli typically unwraps some replacement stock at Christmas each year!

Four or more panels (number of panels depends on the size of the piece ) usually encircle the medallion with motifs that depict people, birds, butterflies and trees.

The dominant colors are usually pastel pinks and greens and can also include red, blue, yellow and gold.

The words "China" and about 25 years later, "Made in China" appear on the bottom.

Rose Medallion china is still being produced today.

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