Dating show host

Producers hoped that the presence of Lewinsky, who had found a living in selling handbags online, would set the show apart.

If anything, it only exposed Lewinsky, who was 29 at the time, to even more public shaming.

Putting that into motion for a TV audience turned out to be a somewhat convoluted process.

That was the standard part, accompanied by two stranger details: All the men had to wear masks (okay, kinky, but not so weird), and it was hosted by a post-Clinton scandal Monica Lewinsky (excuse me, what? Produced during the height of what some described as reality televsion’s “golden era,” ’s premise was simple, if gimmicky: What if instead of judging romantic partners on their looks, they were judged solely on their personalities?They wanted 30 metallic masks to put on the crowd [of bachelors] when they first started, for the first kind of ballroom scene or something, as I recall. Thirty men in pewter silver masks that all look alike except for their hair color…They wanted 10 different colored masks in the same style and they would be assigned to each of the 10 contestants...It’s before noon on a weekday in late March, and Andy Cohen walks out onto a massive set with possibly the most dramatic entrance ever. ” the voiceover shouts, as the TV personality is unveiled from giant bridge that lowers as he graces the lit-up stage.Though the environment is familiar to Cohen with a live audience and a cushy couch for conversation with guests, this is not “Watch What Happens Live.” Rather, the Bravo personality is taping an episode of “Love Connection,” the revival of the dating game show, which premieres Thursday night on Fox.

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