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Silver Singles only allows premium members to send messages, however, as a free user, you can propose your interest by sending a smile.Silver Singles notifies you either by email, browser, or phone notifications—if you are a premium member—for the messages you receive. Member profiles on Silver Singles feature a substantial amount of information.How else would I get dates with lovely women if not for Silver Singles! The website plays on its brand colors which are Midnight Blue, White, and Crimson for accent.Because the website is specifically designed for users 50 years old and above, all text are displayed relatively bigger than usual.

So depending on each member’s answers, one can truly show who they are on their profile.

Members of Silver Singles are not looking for anything casual.

They are looking for a serious relationship with someone they can spend the rest of their lives with The members displayed in every user’s search tabs are matches suggested by Silver Singles.

Members can also filter the results by displaying new users, members they have come in contact with, and those who belong to their favorites list.

‘Wildcard Matches’ are also suggested for premium members.

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