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The British government became compelled to make changes including outstanding reforms in education, health, local government, banking and infrastructure. Nanny of the Maroons stands out in history as the only female among Jamaica’s national heroes.She possessed that fierce fighting spirit generally associated with the courage of men.Yet, the spirit of Nanny of the Maroons remains today as a symbol of that indomitable desire that will never yield to captivity.SAMUEL SHARPE 1801-1832 ‘Daddy’ Sam Sharpe, as he was affectionately called was to carry on the Resistance against slavery effecting at the young age of 31, the most outstanding Slave Rebellion in Jamaica’s history.See if you agree with this statement: You have many more resources accessible to you if you agree that you want the best available training for your organization, regardless of where you find it.This is a big step for those organizations that have traditionally prided themselves on homegrown training and believed it was the best available. Ask your executive team and C-level players what they feel the organization needs from training to maximize organizational effectiveness.To entrust others with this process is to deny key players inside the structure the chance to determine what would really be effective.In fact, as with all strategic planning, the process is as important as the result.

Commitment to any T&D effort should be part of an overall organizational development strategy that should really be undertaken internally.This results in many training presentations being given by professionals who are only subject matter experts in how adults learn and not experts in T&D program design (and even subject-matter experts are not always guaranteed).The whole question of T&D becomes quite strategic when approached in this context.Others may be called in to provide advice, but the decision should rest with those responsible for providing leadership for the organization.Before we discuss where to begin, you need to consider your personal attitude toward T&D.

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