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Bell has given us the “nose kiss,” the “sandwich bar,” and “sister code.” Good comedy, actual improv (i.e. Tags: 2013 films, Cameron Diaz, carly chaikin, demetri martin, don lafontaine, eva longoria, feminist films, fred melamed, goldbluming, in a world, jeff goldblum, lake bell, michaela watkins, movies about movies, nick offerman, rob corddry, tig notaro, voiceover industry, women in voiceover .

not Will Ferrell rattling off unfunny one-liners in totally unscripted scenes), unsettling commentary about women in male-dominated industries, and best of all, a unique character.

He’s also dating a much younger woman (Alexandra Holden) around Carol’s age, and is fairly overt concerning his opinions about women maintaining their roles and not trying to do what men do (despite having two daughters).

Excited about living with a woman half his age, he kicks Carol out.

As a man, I'd rather get the boyfriend bomb than any of the thousand other ways you could be rejected.

It's the most tactful way of preventing the conversation from getting to the point where feelings have to get hurt.

Now, you may or may not have actually been hitting on her. Take the hint, be a good sport, and get on with your life.

Addendum: That's not to say that girls don't sometimes drop the BFB in a somewhat bitchy way, e.g.

The two have been together for a long time, and Dani’s long work hours as a concierge have prevented any real intimacy (chances are, the arrival of Carol isn’t going to help).Dani’s relationship with Moe is important – these are things that people are concerned with, things that in real life (and in good films) feel urgent.Fred Melamed, who appeared as Larry David’s therapist in (another character whose obnoxiousness was begotten by his obliviousness), plays Sam Soto in a way that could convince anyone that this character is based on an actual person (he isn’t).Carol, however, does her best to mediate: Moe asks her for advice (or rather, freaks out at her) after innocently allowing his young female neighbor to use his and Dani’s shower while the latter is at work.Dani inevitably calls to say she’s coming home early, and Moe nervously jabbers that he will cook them a “sandwich bar” for dinner.

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