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Healy has since shared sweet snaps of his girlfriend on his own feed, and his mother Denise Welch frequently comments on Gabby's posts - cute!

Denise Welch weight loss journey: before and after pictures of her transformation Denise Welch has been open with her weight loss journey, and has shed an impressive two stone after embarking on a diet plan and cutting out alcohol.

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"So much has changed and it was the right time to go back. I have a lot to say, and some of the things I can regurgitate and people think I've never said them!She's most famous for her Topshop campaign, as well as her work with fashion label The Lovers And Drifters Club.While we don't know the exact date they got together, the first Instagram post was dated 7 September 2015.Healy and bandmates Adam Hann, Ross Mac Donald and George Daniel formed the band while they attended Wilmslow High School in Cheshire.The band accredits Michael Jackson, My Bloody Valentine and Talking Heads as some of their musical influences.

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