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Demonstrate your technical proficiency on AWS and receive special recognition.

Race for prizes, glory, and a chance to advance to the AWS Deep Racer Grand Finale at AWS re: Invent 2019 to compete for the coveted AWS Deep Racer Championship Cup.

That’s the equivalent of taking 2.9 million selfies, …

The record crowd of 102,315 fans inside Royal-Memorial Stadium had seen this before.

But when it came crunch time Sunday against 10th-ranked Notre Dame, a confident bunch of Texas Longhorns buckled.

Read More FIRST QUARTER Texas 7, Notre Dame 7 — Texas and Notre Dame exchanged touchdown catches on their first drives of the season.

Build and train a reinforcement learning model at a workshop, or bring one you have trained at home.

You can then put your model to the test and compete on the track in the AWS Summit Expo. AWS Summit sponsorships include opportunities to build awareness and network with quality, regionally targeted attendees before, during, and after the event.

One year later — even on a night when a blocked extra point was …

They begin with a 10–15-minute lecture delivered by an AWS expert, followed by a 45–50-minute Q&A session with the audience.

Becoming AWS Certified recognizes individuals for their AWS expertise and enables organizations to identify skilled professionals to lead IT initiatives.

Read More Shane Buechele considered the night a success.

After all, three of his Oklahoma Sooners-backing siblings were all decked out in their Longhorn finery along with a majority of the school-record 102,315 who shoe-horned their way into Royal-Memorial Stadium for a classic of a football game.

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