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In fact, Jolene is dating someone named Ryan - it says it on her Myspace page and has several pictures of them…Jolene is not a lesbian, as she has been dating several guys in recent years.The injuries required multiple reconstructive surgeries to her face and were expected to take months of recovery before she could perform again.At the age of 38 Jolene Van Vugt has established herself as one of the most accomplished female athletes in action sports today.In 2012, she performed Catwoman's driving stunts in the film The Dark Knight Rises.In September 2015, Van Vugt was seriously injured when attempting to do a ramp jump using a slingshot (a device used to propel bikes to high speeds in a short distance).

Earning multiple Ontario Provincial Championships, a 9th place overall in the WMA (Women’s Motocross Association), earning her lifetime number 63.

Click on the 'Travis Pastrana Website' link to go to his personal website.

Yes, Travis Pastrana does have a tattoo on his right upper leg (tigh) but nobody knows what it is.

Not only for her racing efforts but also for her accomplishment of being the first female to backflip a full-sized dirt bike over 60 ft ramp to dirt.

With guidance and lessons from her friend Travis Pastrana she had learned the backflip a year before, first on a smaller 110cc play bike, than a month latter on her RM125.

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