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In 2008, his love made the local papers after a jilted husband hired a private investigator to check if his wife was cheating on him and the PI discovered that the wife was romantically involved with Deutsch.

Habitat: Deutsch paid million for a townhouse on East 78th Street in 2006.

But it seems he's a little less easygoing when the joke's on him. art director posted a photo of a youthful Donny clad in a Speedo on the Internet, he was promptly fired.

Of course, Deutsch staffers were already inured to the sight of Donny half-naked: He reportedly sits in his office with his shirt off and a set of weights by his side.

In 2004, he began hosting a nightly show on CNBC, , which debuted as a general talk show but later transitioned into business-oriented self-help fare and was eventually canceled in 2008.

He's since become a regular on MSNBC (although he was taken off the air for several months in 2010 after making unflattering comments about Keith Olbermann), and remains a seasonal ritual on good pal Donald Trump's magazine (it's called "Deutsch Mark.") He's also dabbled in film production, too, setting up his own production company several years ago.

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Drama: Donny's aggressive approach and frat boy antics earned him a good deal of resentment in the industry during the '90s.

With a team of young, creative staffers on board (mostly "Jews, chicks, and fags" in Donny's words), Deutsch Inc.

grew exponentially during the '90s thanks to the addition of blue-chip clients like Bank of America, Ikea, Domino's, Pfizer, Mitsubishi, Old Navy, and Revlon.

(He spent years renovating it and occupied an apartment at Trump Park Avenue—for a reported ,000 a month—during the construction process.) In the fall of 2010, he sold his 3.3-acre beachfront estate off Further Lane in East Hampton for million.

Donny Deutsch is one of the most prominent media and business voices of our time.

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