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This tweet is for you, and the quote could change your life if you live by it. Today is the best day to start taking action for your happiness, and Dr. How you perceive everything around you dictates how your life plays out. What you see in one situation or person is not what someone else sees.For instance, if you see women as mean, then you will never really have a good relationship with women. That means there are many different possible ‘realities’ going on right now, and you can change how you look at the world and how you interact with it.When you let other people abuse you or make you feel bad, they think it’s okay to do so. Adopt it into your belief system and you will feel better about being alone. It’s almost a joke that hiding things from your partner is a part of life. The best partner has nothing to hide from you – and they hide nothing.This one tweet will help you find more happiness in your relationships and with yourself. I’ve often said that perspective can change how you feel about any situation, including being alone. That’s the kind of person (or rather trait) you should be looking for in a woman and in yourself.He knows the bullshit stories that hold you back from getting the woman, relationship, or life that you want.And, he is a guy that you should listen to if you want a happier and more fulfilling life.If you are a guy who absolutely does not want to watch Dr. Even though he can sometimes be a little hard to listen to (just being real), he has some pretty awesome advice that will help you get the life you want if you listen to it. If you are willing to do what others are not willing to do, then you can have the success that others are not going to have. Phil has said one thing over and over again, and if you ignore everything else he says, remember this one tweet.

The major premise, that you’ve got to fall in love with yourself first, while cliché, is in fact, true.These stereotypes exist because there is a grain of truth to them, but to paint singles with such limited strokes is, at the very least, annoying.Coming from his simplified masculine viewpoint, it left me with the feeling that he just doesn’t get it.Whether you love him or hate him, he really gets the world around him.He knows what it takes to have a great relationship.

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