Eddie and riaan dating

Eddie now is in a long term relationship with model Jill Mc Cormick.Eddie's marriage to Beth lasted 6 years, not 16 months. Beth and Kate met shortly after the birth of the sextuplets when Beth volunteered to help feed the babies.Service delivery is hard to come by these days, but IT Design delivers every time, on time and super professional. They are worth it.if you are lucky.will take you on as a client..lucky.suggestion right now is whoever you are with...change to IT DESIGN.wait for the MAGIC... Riaan keeps his team on task and they get things done, keeping you informed and up to date every step of the way.

Rampie Stander (Teachers College) and Tiny du Plessis (Collegians) were the non-Shimlas.

Their efficiency and willingness to help is second to none.

They will go out of their way to assist you in anyway needed. A big thank you to Riaan, Brandon and the IT Design team for your valuable help and expertise.

I am pleased with my results and have received compliments on my website. When you live in Cape Town, but trust a company in PE so much that you prefer to stick with them... I needed a very specific project done in a very short time and you delivered - as always! They turned a small local service into a global business. I knew nothing about IT design when I met them- I still don't.

Thank you for excellent, professional service of a very high standard. But I've got a killer website and an awesome online presence. In today's world, we are living in a global economy. I believe I have the privilege of being one of IT Designs "oldest" clients - not me personally but our partnership!

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