Entourage not updating exchange mailbox

12) When connecting to a exchange server does the a users password still get disabled in the Active Directory if it's mistyped once?It used to be the case that repeated attempts with an incorrect password would cause a lockout.Simply select the "Public Folders" icon underneath your Exchange account, and then subscribe to the appropriate Public Calendar.For more info on what features are included visit, Major Known differences from Mac Outlook (here) 5) When is free/busy published to the server?9) I can't get Entourage to respect my settings for synchronizing my mailbox.Via Outlook at work I set a category ('Archived Mail') on all folders that I want to exclude from synchronization.The following instructions should work for most basic setups.

In Entourage X, in the list shown for a Public Folder, freedocs in a Public Folder look just like messages with an attachment, except that they don't have a sender and the subject is set to .

Second, the restricted category sync only works for contacts and calendar items.

There is no way to prevent Entourage from syncing all mail (though you can restrict it to partially download each message if you prefer).

Microsoft Entourage 2004 is a Microsoft Exchange Server client for Mac OS X.

It supports many, but not all, of the same services as Microsoft Outlook for Windows.

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