Expecting who you are dating to be monogamous

This intelligence kicked in not when my partner told me he wanted a non-exclusive sexual relationship, but when I deluded myself into thinking I could be okay with it.

It went off like an alarm in the background, signaling to me that I was off my purpose.

I saw how it presented a perfect illusion that often failed to deliver. We don’t ever own or possess anyone, even when we are married and have a piece of paper and a promise from them.

Expecting our partner to be the beginning, the end, and everything in between seemed a recipe for self-delusion at best, disaster at worst. When I ended up on a first date with a guy who matter-of-factly said he was exploring polyamory, I took it as an invitation to stretch out of my comfort zone. After all, I’m living in a sex-positive, progressive community where open relationships are not only common but encouraged.

A situation that keeps arising for me time and again.

Rather, my erotic intelligence is a wisdom coded deeply in my body to help navigate intimate relationships in a way that is personalized for me.

It tells me whether I’m on track or off track in a relationship, whether what’s happening is for my highest good and purpose.

I can choose the type of relationship and dynamics I want to engage in.

I can be unattached to whether we will continue to be in a relationship or not, regardless of my love for him.

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